The Definitive History Of The Dopp Kit

Have you ever wondered where the Dopp Kit got its name? Look no further, we're here to give you the definitive rundown.

Often mistakenly referred to as a "Dop Kit" or Dobb Bag" there appears to be little separating it from an ordinary mens toiletry or wash bag. So when did people start referring to them as Dopp Kits?

The Charles Doppelt Company

Charles Doppelt was an immigrant from Germany who made his way to the United States during the early 1900's. Specializing in designing and manufacturing leather goods and such, he went on to found the Charles Doppelt Company. According to different accounts, it was actually his nephew in his employ who actually came up with the original concept of storing accessories in a leather bag. Paying homage to the owner, it was aptly named a Dopp Kit. 

The appeal of Dopp Kits steadily grew over time and received a massive injection of popularity when the U.S Army decided to provide them to all new recruits for World War II. Eventually, the company was purchased during the 1970's by Samsonite but the name endures on!

We've even managed to find an actual poster that was used by the Charles Doppelt Company to advertise their "Dopp Kit for Dad".

Original poster by Doppelt Company

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